The first DELPA EUROPE Matriz House will take place in Madrid, Spain, and will become a strategic office that connect and generate new business spaces between the the European Community and the 10 offices that DELPA group owns in America.

Thus, in the 28 countries that form part of the European Community Our organization will provide a direct service on the kinds: air, sea and land internally and internationally, generating an important benefit for customers to handle negotiations with more efficiency and offer without question, the service of excellence that already characterizes us in our offices in the rest of the world.

New challenges that as an organization we are pleased to share with our customers and suppliers, which we appreciate your preference, reiterating our commitment to exceed your expectations.

The Growth Plan of Delpa Group at 2030 is full of great challenges; we are confident that our human resource of excellence will accompany us and invite more professionals to express their interest in becoming part of our family.

DELPA EUROPE Success! To conquer this new market and to demonstrate to our customers the PASSION FOR THE SERVICE that we live for at DELPA GROUP