DELPA group believes in its professionals:

We congratulate those who have visited our Madriz house by highlighted its work and Delpa identity.

At DELPA GROUP, we want to develop the full potential of those who make up each one of our 10 own offices. That is why Our Parent Company, located in Santiago constantly, receives representatives of our subsidiaries for two major reasons: professional growth through training on site and recognition of their outstanding work.

We salute some of our colleagues who have visited us in 2015 and will continue providing new opportunities. We believe in the commitment of our staff and we know that they are essential to achieve our corporate vision: to continue working for more and continue to shine with a light of its own!

Visits from:

Sandra Morriberón, Executive Commercial Delpa Peru (November)
Johanna Rocha, New Country Manager of Delpa Peru (October)
Commercial executive of Delpa Colombia, Vanessa Quijano in your step by Delpa Chile (May)
Adriano Ribeiro, Country Manager of Delpa United States (April)

And we cannot fail to mention those whom have represented Chile in our offices abroad!!

Jael Tchimino, big winner of the Prize trip to Miami DELPA GROUP (October)
Monica Fuenzalida, Chief Operations Aéreo-Marítimas Chile, who travelled to our office in the United States.-Trainee Program Delpa Group (August)
Cynthia Raccoursier, Head of International Terrestrial Operations Chile, who visited Delpa Brazil.- Trainee Program Delpa Group (May)
Alejandro Avendaño, which represented the commercial department in Office Delpa Uruguay (April)